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Alma College Series

Detroit RiverFront 2007

See the step by step creation of the design below!

Detroit RiverFront 2008

A.M.Todd, Kalamazoo, MI

We capture what is unique about your business or community.




About the Artist
Maggie Maggie LaNoue

Maggie has been a full time professional artist creating portraits of businesses and homes since 1980. Her work began with hand drawn pen and ink, oil paintings, and English watercolor. Read more

Albion College Admission

Southern Michigan Bank & Trust

Chalgian & Tripp Elder Law Offices

Maggie brings the same skills to her new art work and web design created in her Macintosh computer. Maggie shows her clients proofs of work in progress over the web so they can be a part of the creative process. Browse this site to see examples of Maggie's work. Stop by again as we add more samples of actual photographs of cards we have created over the years. Contact us at the link below for pricing for your custom holiday cards, and samples of cards we have created for others.

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Custom Corporate Holiday Cards

Here at Albion Design, we have created many holiday cards for different corporations, and for municipalities as well. Our main artist, Maggie LaNoue begins with photos. As she learns what you would like to see in your card, she adds some personal touches. The card you end up with is unique. It becomes a keepsake. Each one of these cards has a special message, and many have a story on the back of the card as well. It's not too early to think about special cards for your corporate holiday greetings. In addition to holiday cards, we create custom thank you cards, invitations, gifts, greeting cards and announcements. Get more information about custom holiday cards.

Read about Revitalization Dreams and how
much your mailings can mean to your clients.
Detroit RiverFront Conservancy holiday card design for 2016 and 2015.
Prior years designs are on the left sidebar.

Picture your business on a special note card

What story does your organization have to tell? Think about a concept for your business holiday cards, invitations, or thank you cards for clients. You can collect some photos that we can incorporate into your design. Due to your requests we now show you actual photos of our cards. If you click on the images in the galleries you can see the texture of the paper, the image of the inside of each card and the back of each card.

As you click through the galleries, think about the story of your organization or city. We show you proofs and concepts online so you can be a part of the creative process. When people receive your special cards designed by Albion Design, they will look at them closely, feel them, and keep them. These cards are more like a gift than a card. Collect your photos, ask us for sample cards, take a count of how many cards you might like to send, and dream a little about sending something special this year.


Custom art for colleges We work to be sure your art looks good at any size.